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Tiger At Corbett National Park

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Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park boasts of a rich natural heritage with its varied topography, diverse flora and fauna, the beauty of the meandering ramganga river and the splendour of its landscapes. The elusive Tiger, now the cynosure of every tourists questing eye, wild Elephants and Leopards are the main attractions, besides other mammal and bird species. One of the few national parks in India with basic lodging facilities in the heart of the jungle at Dhikala - the setting is awesome and the location picturesque. For the wildlife enthusiast there is no alternative but to stay inside the Park at Dhikala Forest Lodge.

Elephant Safari At Corbett National Park

This lodge is managed by the forest department who are unable to provide a professional standard of service - this is our forte - we at VALLEY VIEW HOMESTAY are fully adept in providing luxury in the wilds. The Elephant ride from Dhikala is the ultimate experience in wildlife viewing and provides the opportunity to shoot the tiger with a camera. Corbett natinal Park with over 600 different bird species is considered one of the true bird parks of the world. Raptors are of infinite variety and occasssionally species of hawks and eagles appear, which tax the talent of the most gifted ornithologists. The Park is avid birdwatchers destination, Mangoli valley, Nainital and Pangot in the Kumaon region are unmistakeably the most remarkable areas for higher himalayan birds