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Lush Green Golf Course At Ranikhet

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Golf Course At Ranikhet

The Upat Golf course is situated 6 Km from Ranikhet. The 9 hole Golf course is said to be the best managed Golf course in India. Upat Golf course is generally used by army-men, but is also open for general public, on payment of a small amount. It is one of the most challenging courses in the world where one can enjoy the ethereal beauty of the course with the changing seasons. This is currently one of the best maintained courses in the country. Many Golf championships are held on the Upat Golf Course.

The winding clear roads of Ranikhet bring you to this beautiful Golf Course spread on both sides of the road with amazing views of the Himalayas. In the vicinity of Trishul Peak & Nanda Devi, its probably the most beautiful gift to us by the British. Tee off at 6,000 ft. in Ranikhet and find out yourself why Golf is called the most beautiful game. The weather, surroundings and the greens blend so harmoniously in Ranikhet, no doubt the British chose this place as a Golfing Destination.

Golf Course At Ranikhet

The Golf Course is maintained by the Kumaon Regiment and civilians are not permitted to play. Well if you know someone from the regiment, then obviously you could be considered :) The problem with the Golf Course is the road which divides the Course in two parts. Tourist buses, local transport are allowed to cross the Golf Course but thankfully the vehicles cant stop.

If you want to visit the Golf Course, make sure you park the vehicle and then come over. But if the game is ON, then please stay away and watch from a distance as the disgusted army officers have a habit of breaking people's head than putting :)